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Welcome toTapi Riverfront Development Project

Tapi is a perennial river that runs through Surat and serves as a lifeline for over 6.5 million people.

However, as it approaches the Arabian Sea, the river becomes extremely volatile in character. It carries saline tidal backflows to the city during high and low tides all the way up to the Singanpore weir, a weir cum causeway built to supply drinking water to Surat and prevent flooding.

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Objectives of Tapi Riverfront Development & Rejuvenation

Mitigate Flood Infographic
Mitigate Flood

River Alignment Flood Protection

Clean the River Infographic
Clean the River

Sewage Treatment Strategy (Tapi Shuddhikaran Project)

Retain and Replenish Water Infographic
Retain and Replenish Water

Barrage Embankment

Create a Continuous Public Realm Infographic
Create a Continuous Public Realm

Recreational Spaces Continuous Pedestrian & Cycle Track

Public Amenities & Projects Infographic
Public Amenities & Projects

Strengthening Existing RoadsProviding New Roads & Development

Why Requirement Arises ofTapi Riverfront & Rejuvenation

Frequent Floods Photo
Frequent Floods
Saline River Photo
Saline River
Infrastructure & Amenity Photo
Infrastructure & Amenity
Neglected River Edge Photo
Neglected River Edge